Lotta Bottle

In collaboration with a friend of mine, I’ve been bottling things. This time, lemon products. Her lemon tree is prone to produce far too many lemons to know what to do with, so you have to be creative. I make marmalade, as you know from previous posts, and she likes to make limoncello, both of which call for a good number of lemons (the latter also calls for several days involving various stages). Here are results of bottling both sets of products… The marmalade is remarkably dark because I forgot that I usually don’t use all brown sugar for it, usually having a lot of a much lighter sugar mixed in as well, to allow the colour of the fruit to stay visible. Also, in the haste to get the marmalade off the heat and into bottles before it went to solid, I forgot to add the whisky (that I like to add) before bottling…. drat. Still tasty though, as is the limoncello!


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One Response to Lotta Bottle

  1. Carol&Co says:

    Can’t wait – save one of each for us!!! The figs next door (which we have free access to) never ripened so using your fig jam recipe went out the door this year and the lemon tree has yet to bear fruit so our larder is not laden (even the blackberries failed)! cmj+zja