Site’s a Bit Broken!

[Update: And a bit better.. although now can’t get rid of white line to right of header image, etc… but almost all repaired… sigh…]


Rather stupidly, I trusted the theme designer people for the wordpress theme I’ve been using to not wipe out all my style information for my page when it ungraded. I was forced to upgrade to allow things to work in the new wordpress version, and of course all my old information was destroyed, including the banner image, colours and so forth. So for the first time since 2006, I have to go without the site looking its nice old self.

I think I have some of the information on a computer at home, so until I get to restoring it, please forgive the awful, AWFUL disarray you see on the site now. I’ve put in an attempted temporary header image, and all the other things you see are defaults that look dreadful.



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