Je Suis un Rock Star

20120612-183800.jpgSo out of the blue the other day, I got an email with this photograph in it, and an explanation for its appearance. It seems that some old friends from my school days (who I’ve not heard from in a long, long time) were discussing it on Facebook, and one of the people reading the comments who lives near my mum in Preston, the town where I went to school, realized that I was one of the people in the picture…!! Since I am not on Facebook* (despite some misleading pages that sometimes send people astray) he contacted me the old fashioned way via finding my email address on my website. Nice and quaint, the way I like it.

I remember this event, but had no idea a picture was taken! Since it is all over Facebook, I see no harm in putting it up here (also, I asked permission). So there you have it…ma glimpse into my teenage rock star past. Look, we even had groupies!!

(Hey, Michelle P., recognize that guitar?)

Thanks Peter for getting in touch, and to Andy, Mick, and Warren for the musical memories.


*You may recall I gave up on it after a little over a year… For reasons numerous.

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