Science Fiction Special

Just as I left for my shooting trip last week, I had a moment of indecision. I wanted to take something to read during airport and airplane downtime, but wanted to travel light. The books I wanted to take felt a bit big in my bag, somehow, largely because I could not decide what I was in the mood for and so was in danger of bringing more than one. Then I remembered that I was behind on New Yorkers, and was taking my iPad anyway. So I made sure the New Yorker was updated on it, and what did I see waiting for me to delve into on the plane? The special issue on Science Fiction!

It is an excellent issue, with contributions from lots of authors, including several short reflective pieces from legendary authors like Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, Margaret Atwood, and William Gibson and newer authors like China Miéville and Karen Russell talking about things like how they found their way into fiction and science fiction, and its role as a gateway to the larger literary world. Of course, there are also the usual reflections about the snobbery and separation into high and low culture that existed in the early days (and that still persists today) for literature as well as film and TV when it comes to science fiction (see a related discussion here), many of which are humorously done, and will be familiar to many readers from their childhood…. I strongly recommend getting that issue if you do not already subscribe. It may well still be on magazine stands…

In related news, Ray Bradbury died on Monday, I heard on the radio yesterday. This is sad news indeed, as he inspired so very many to dream, and to look at the world anew. His influence on the culture at large was huge, and it continues. Here is an LA Times article about his life and work. I shall have to celebrate his life by a reading or re-reading of some of his work this Summer… (His short essay in this New Yorker issue, about his childhood reading, was excellent by the way.)


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  2. tachyonicbrane says:

    Are you a fan of William Gibson’s Neuromancer? I got about a quarter the way through but then got caught up in homework. I’ll probably be finishing it this summer though.

  3. Clifford says:

    Hi… I would not say I’m a fan. I _think_ I’ve read it, a long time ago, and thought it was good, but honestly it has not left a huge impression on me, since I can’t remember much. It is therefore entirely possible that it I simply have not read it, so maybe I ought to put it on the large teetering pile of things I must read or re-read…

    I hope you enjoy it when you get to it again!