Trumpet Solo

20120217-160909.jpgThis is a snap of a sketch I started while sitting in the Village Vanguard (New York) the other night while listening to the Mark Turner (ts) quartet play. On trumpet was Avishai Cohen, who was really excellent. This quick sketch, very incomplete, was assembled from several glimpses of him when he’d return to this pose, or more or less… Anyway, it was a fun exercise (I’d started another larger sketch of the whole band, but decided it went off balance after a while and so did not complete it).

The music was great, and there was an appreciative crowd of (mostly young) music lovers paying close attention. The club seemed the same as I remember it from so many years ago, so that was nice too…


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2 Responses to Trumpet Solo

  1. Philip says:

    Cool! Love the Vanguard. Swinging’ sketch.