Market People

A few people I quickly captured while relaxing in the sun at the farmer’s market this Sunday. (For larger views, click the images.)

It has become quite cool in recent days, and so it was nice to have a patch of warm sunlight to sit in for a while, as I watched people go by.

I was late for the market that day, and so I’d missed the people whose tamales I usually get, but found a tasty pupusa instead.

I’m finding it rather hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving next week. Among other things, this means I ought to give some thought to cooking some interesting things for the Day itself. It also means that I’ve seriously run out of weekends before the bulk of the holiday season begins. I’d been thinking about doing some travel, but I think that’ll have to be put off for now.

There’s always next year, perhaps.


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2 Responses to Market People

  1. Amy says:

    Someone else who likes to draw what they see at the farmer’s market.

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    Oh the tamales – worth coming back for!!!! There was a search on the BBC Radio London yesterday for a chap in the 80s and 90s who used to draw travellers on the Northern Line tube and then hand then the drawing he had done upon his departure from the train! It made me think of you! cmj+