Markets and Musings

I’m back in Los Angeles from my visit to the workshop (see earlier), have a bit of a cold, and am tired. I’ve been thinking a lot about various issues in quantum field theory, surrounding quantum entanglement, non-equilibrium processes, Fermi surfaces, and a lot more like that. I’ve also been teaching about real QED processes in the class today – they are now able (I hope) to compute real cross-sections for things like electron-electron scattering, and electron-positron scattering! Very rewarding actually.

Anyway, I’m tired, so I decided to spend a little time relaxing by experimenting with watercolours of a sort. The digital kind. This is a sketch I did in my little square notebook at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market last week, and back then I’d started to use colour pencils to do some colour on it and got a bit bored… So I did a bit more […] Click to continue reading this post