Kitchen Solutions

Sunday: What to do with a lot of nectarines and very soft plums obtained in the farmer’s market?

Make an upside-down cake of course!

It was delicious… and makes great (sinful) breakfast food in following days too (a slice goes very well with an espresso).


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5 Responses to Kitchen Solutions

  1. Carol Johnson says:

    Oh yeah go on – tease me. Looks wonderful!! I need an oven soon before I go mad! cmj+

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  3. Looks delicious!


  4. Clifford says:

    Thanks IP!


  5. Ele Munjeli says:

    This is a very good idea. You know, my favorite upside-down cakes are with gingerbread on the bottom. It’s a delicious combination with plums. My favorite gingerbreads have a bit of dairy in the batter so that the molasses doesn’t make them bitter.