Multiverse Musings

As you may know already there’ll be a new NOVA series on PBS in the Fall, based on one of Brian Greene’s books, The Fabric of the Cosmos. Last Fall I did some a shoot with them for my role in it (I’ve no idea how much they will use), and I learned a short while ago that they’ll be using some of it on the NOVA website too. They extracted some parts of the on-camera interview segments I did concerning the idea of multiple universes and transcribed them into something you can read online. Have a look here. I touch on the idea in a fragmented way, mostly being led by the questions I was asked, but it’s a fun topic to chat about, and may lead you in interesting directions should you wish to learn more, so have a look.

A word on the picture they are using (er…see above left). It seems to be one that the USC news/publicity office distributes upon request. It’s used on the USC website a lot, and I thought I’d give it an airing here on the blog. It was taken 7 or 8 years ago (I offered PBS a more recent one -all bearded and squarer-glassesed- but it seems that they preferred this image by far) by Phil Channing. Back then, the Office wanted me to bring a prop representing my work from my “lab” for that photo session. I explained that I had no lab, but I’d find something… The night before I got some suitable yarn and a crochet hook and crocheted a nicely weighted loop of string that I could use, and reminded myself from a book how to make a few of the string figures I used to make as a child….

Stay tuned here or there for more things I’ll be doing on the PBS NOVA site…


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