Fig Goodness

Ah. First morning back in LA, and I see that the fig tree at the front is under attack by lots of small birds. I managed to rescue some, picking a few maybe a day or two earlier than I’d prefer, for optimal flavour, but they’ll still be great. Of course, the ripe ones bursting their skins with flavour are wonderful.

I’ve left some of the half-eaten ones on as a distraction to the feathered visitors. The tree at the back, with the mission figs, is showing signs of attack from squirrels. The 2011 chapter of the war against Fluffy and Flitty begins.

On the other hand… tasty!!!


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4 Responses to Fig Goodness

  1. Carol Johnson says:

    Good luck – picked two from the neighbours tree (with permission!) yesterday and can forsee our future haul rivalling yours! What a lovely sight, a fig laden tree! cmj+

  2. robert says:

    There is a good crop of figs here in the Midlands (UK) sunshine and rain seem to have poured down in the right amounts for once. We don’t have any furry blighters attacking the crop either. So not everything in the old country is as bad as it looks (well as I assume that it does from where you’re sitting)

  3. Clifford says:

    Hi Robert – Not at all…. the Old Country seems just fine to me from here. Even more so now I’ve heard of two reports of figs…!


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