The Ride Down from Maroon

Well, after an hour and a half or so of struggle up (see previous post), a rest, some picture taking, and so forth, I headed back down from the Maroon Lake area, leaving the magnificent view of the Maroon Bells behind and coasting down back to Aspen on the Brompton. I found a nice way of mounting the camera on the bike bag near the handle and so made a video of the descent, so that you can share in the view. Guess who ran out of charge on the battery before getting to the end? Never mind… the most scenic bits are captured. Best to turn down the sound of the air rushing past the microphone. I suppose I should have edited that out and put music on, but…. nah. Enjoy the video:

Quite a bit longer and prettier than the video of three years back.


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2 Responses to The Ride Down from Maroon

  1. Carol Johnson says:

    If we knew how to add commentary we would, but Zachary was not happy that you did not catch up and overtake the guy in front wearing the yellow jersey, while I kept seeing something blue and tried to identify what it was. Uh huh, a blue sky, hardly ever seen over here! Lovely scenery – a wonderful ride. cmj+

  2. Ele Munjeli says:

    Wonderful. The mountains in the background are so scenic. Of course, my favorite thing, I guess because I live in LA, is HOW FEW CARS THERE ARE! 🙂 That’s what a ride should be!