Lightning in a Bottle

Did you hear yesterday’s Fresh Air? It was very interesting indeed, being, as it was, about a subject that you probably know interests me a lot – electric cars. The guest was Seth Fletcher, and he was talking about electric cars, hybrids, and so forth. Not focusing on far futuristic matters so much as what is possible now (with all the exciting things going on in the market), and where we might go next in terms of the development of the science and technology needed to continue to change our world by moving away from gasoline as our primary energy source for transport. A lot of his focus in on the development of batteries, and he does a good job of explaining the science, the history, the challenges that have been overcome, and the current challenges involved. He also talks a bit about the perceptions of electric cars among the populace, and of course about the politics. I recommend the interview. He’s a guest because of his new book, entitled Bottled Lightning, which I suspect may be good, given how he interviewed, and given the extract on NPR ‘s page for the program. There should be audio of the interview there by time you read this.

Enjoy. Thoughts welcome.


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