Google Guitar!

I only noticed this late in the day, but had to point it out! There’s a Les Paul tribute on the google home page today. If you go there, you’ll find that there’s a set of playable guitar strings there… You can strum them, pick them, etc., and even hit the record button below it all to record your experiments. Then it gives you your own URL with your result!

This was mine, made as a result of making a screen snapshot while record was running.

Feel free to post your results in the comment for us to hear… Or just enjoy privately!

For the record, of all the Gibson guitars, the Gibson Marauder was my favourite… Sort of an outgrowth of the Les Paul. Closely followed by the SG… Anyway…

Hurrah for Les Paul!


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9 Responses to Google Guitar!

  1. Elliot says:

    I’ve got an old big body Gibson acoustic from the 50’s or 60’s. Very nice sound but not the easiest to play.

  2. Clifford says:

    Do you still play?


  3. Elliot says:

    I only play well enough to write. I am not a performer by any means.


  4. Ele Munjeli says:

    I found it at two in the morning and it kept me up for an hour. The code is released online too. Very nice execution; no latency to speak of on my machine and the sound layers (you can play chords) great rich tone. Its Javascript, which hasn’t been reliable for audio on the web, so really this was a nice piece. There’s a bunch of YouTube vids with people playing solos.

    I think I will build a thumb piano on my landing page.

  5. Clifford says:

    Send us a comment with the link when done!!


  6. Casey Rentz says:

    so clever. loved it.

  7. robert says:

    The marauder is a rather recherche selection from the Gibson canon. From its picture it has a Telecaster look to it, with the single coil pickup at the bridge. Does this similarity extend to sound and feel? The SG, however, is a classic full-on rocker, nowhere near as heavy as the Les Paul (which can tire a fellow out after a couple of hours) and my alltime favorite ‘humbucking’ guitar.

  8. Ele Munjeli says:

    I’m rather fond of the Marauder, myself, and I have built electric guitars so it’s rather a matter of the wiring. The tilted single coil is thoughtful, and the option to turn up the Humbucker and switch coils gives you some diversity. There’s really not much reason for two humbuckers unless you’re playing heavy metal and really want the fat.