Kepler’s Eggs

keplersunsplanets_rowe_smallThe exo-planet hunting craft Kepler has found 1235 candidate planets orbiting other suns so far. The APOD site has a lovely composition by Jason Rowe showing representations of all of those suns with the spots on them that represent the planet transiting in front of them (that’s how they are found by Kepler). They are all nicely done to the correct relative scale. It’s quite lovely. Higher resolution here, and more information here. Oh! And one of them (in that row by itself) is our own sun, with Earth and Jupiter in transit, just to set the scale.

Oh, the title? A friend of mine brought some quail eggs to a culinary gathering I had a few weeks ago. I’m reminded of them a bit!


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2 Responses to Kepler’s Eggs

  1. Elliot says:

    This is really impressive. It certainly would lead one to at a minimum believe that there are exo-planets which may have conditions that could lead to the formation of complex entities that could evolve and emerge in all types of directions.

    thanks for posting this.


  2. H Parker says:

    Nice eggs.

    In a similar manner, they could be sorted by types: Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me. Dedicate at least one line for each type. Within each type, the stars could be arranged by temperature.

    Mark the stars with planets in the habitable zone, including Earth, with an arrow. Keep up the good work.