Odd Ball

So it was an odd day yesterday. On the one hand, after getting up at 6:00am without prompting, deciding to start the work day, then procrastinating for a chunk of time – including admiring Venus (have you seen it/her recently? beautiful!) – it turned out to be a reasonably productive day. I tried to devote it entirely to The Project, since I’ve been quite busy with Professoring the last couple of weeks and so had not done much. The plan was to ink a page that had been sitting there waiting to be inked for a while, and to continue re-inking one of the pages I did over the Summer. Well, I succeeded in the former, and have punted some of the latter to today. I hope. I pleased with the finished inking which includes a little drawing of the wonderful Planck satellite, which will be mentioned as part of a conversation. (By the way, Planck’s preliminary findings were in the news recently. Worth a look.) I even got some of the colour work started on that successful page toward the end of the day, but lost what I did on that due to a strange computer problem (sometimes the Adobe software decides that there’s just too much going on and declares it does not have enough memory to proceed… then you’re stuck not being able to render, or even save….). I only lost an hour’s work of fairly straightforward painting – I am in the habit of saving relatively regularly.

So what’s the “odd” bit in the title? Well, all through the day I was bothered by something, and it is even more bothersome this morning. My right eyeball hurts. A lot. And I don’t know why. And in a universe that I am quite sure loves playing ironic jokes on me (just look at my dating life the last few years, for example), I find myself extra concerned since I’ve been especially focusing on visual work of late, what with all the drawing and inking and painting for the Project and all. (Yes, I’ve thought of the cause and effect angle, but I’m not convinced – why so strongly asymmetric?) It would be a real nuisance to have to re-teach myself all my drawing skills to take into account that I don’t have stereo vision, for a start. A few things on the plus side: (1) It’s the more severely mypoic eye… (2) I suppose maybe glasses would be half as expensive… (3) I don’t have to shell out for those expensive tickets for 3D movies… (4) People often think I’m either Sam L. Jackson or Larry Fishburne anyway (yeah, I know), so I get a double jump on the whole Nick-Fury-chic thing that is certainly coming… (5) I suddenly have a lot of new eye-patch Halloween costume ideas involving pirates and so forth. The vampire thing was way tired, anyway.

Ok. I’m joking. I’m sure it’ll all be fine (knock wood). But it is kind of ironic that just as I’ve ironed out several time-sinking bugs in my workflow on The Project I might not be able to work on it for a bit.

The eye pain started a couple of weeks ago and I assumed it was maybe related to being tired, of having some sort of viral infection, and waited for it to go away, and it seemed to do so. But now it’s back, and getting stronger. So I’m due at my optometrist this morning, and I hope they can figure out what’s going on. And help me fix it.


P.S. For the interested parties among you, I was going to do a little post about the new paper I co-wrote that came out on Wednesday. It is 1102.0554 on the arxiv. Was a lot of fun, with some nice results, and a re-visit to the enhançon – hurrah! But I don’t plan to do much sitting in front of the computer for the rest of the day, so giving you a heads-up here. Eye thing. You know how it is…

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8 Responses to Odd Ball

  1. Ele Munjeli says:

    I hope that’s just strain the eyeball I mean.

    Part of a professional creative workflow is constant saving so you don’t stress your machine- Keyboard shortcut on a Mac: AppleKey + S

    Do it every few minutes. Make it a habit.

  2. Clifford says:

    Thanks, but…Geez, Ele… Really? Isn’t this the first keyboard shortcut everyone learns on their mother’s knee? 😉 I mentioned in the post that I am in the habit of saving regularly… And this is what I use, even as a mere amateur. I don’t do it every few minutes because I am working with large complicated structures that take a little while to save, and sometimes I’m on a roll and don’t want the break …. So I do it less often than every few minutes… But often enough…. er, most times!

    Thanks for the positive eyeball thoughts!


  3. Sian Griffiths says:

    Hi Clifford, I’ve only just read this so apologies for tardy response.
    High Myopes often have very narrow angles between the iris and outflow so are at risk of acute angle glaucoma. The pain would become worse and the vision would slowly become more impaired- you often get a headache and start to feel sick too. Its caused by a build up of pressure- can be alleviated by drops or iridotomy.
    The other common reasons are Iritis ( inflammation in the anterior chamber), good old viral keratitis, cluster headaches ( migrainous variation)and plenty more……
    You have beautiful eyes- not only their appearance, but also the way in which you see the world- therefore I wish you well at the Optometrist, but suspect you may need an Opthalmologist to sort this out. If you wish to discuss further please email me on the aol address. Best wishes, Sian

  4. Clifford says:

    HI! Thanks! Wonderful to hear from you Sian! Yes, I thought it best to start with the optometrist first, to eliminate things like eye strain due to maladjusted glasses, and The more obvious symptoms of glaucoma etc… All is well there (yay!) and so am booked in for an ophthalmologist this week. More later!



  5. Jeff says:

    Sorry to hear about the eye Clifford. Hope it gets better soon.

  6. Clifford says:

    Thanks Jeff! Hoping….


  7. Sian Griffiths says:

    Yes C, I may be a bit quiet but i do keep an regular interested EYE on you !!B(the left one)And by the way, stereoscopic vision is completely over-rated.
    Hurray for astigmatics!

  8. Clifford says:


    I’m _very_ glad to hear that actually! It is good to know. And yes, I suspected that about stereo… 🙂