Leaving Home Ain’t Easy

coffee_group_sketchMum’s upstairs packing to leave after her lovely visit of a month and I’m already upset by this. It was such a great time, and I’m so very sad to see her go*. But I can’t keep her all to myself. My sister and brother will no doubt be expecting her back by now, and so I must give her up. 🙂 This blog post is a lame attempt to distract myself from her packing activity, which is a bit sad for me. On the other hand, a rather sweet aspect of it is that I can hear her in the distance singing along to songs from Queen’s A Night At The Opera** and other albums while doing her packing. This makes me smile from ear to ear.

The last few days had lots of activities, including more picnics by the seaside, walks, cooking, shopping, visits to some old favourite haunts (including a surprise Sunday trip up to the lovely Santa Barbara Mission just two days ago), an excellent restaurant or two, and movies (including True Grit at the Arclight Dome – my old favourites, the Coen Brothers, made another excellent film! Mum loved it, as it also did well by the original in her view).

Mum also makes an excellent wingman in some of my sketching enterprises out in the field. We sit in a cafe chatting, and this allows me better cover for doing quick semi-covert sketches of those around, like the above left (roughly done) group at the table across from us. (All I had was a coffee bag to sketch on, so that’s the brown base to the sketch.)


*The other visitors – also sadly missed – left last week.

**And yes, some of you recognize that the title is a Queen song. Interestingly, very many of my Queen favourites are the (less well known) Brian May songs. And you may here (mis-)apply the Principle of Relativity freely in order to interchange the role of leaver, home, etc., with the same measurable feelings.

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3 Responses to Leaving Home Ain’t Easy

  1. Mary Cole says:

    The thought of your Mum singing Queen songs in the background is truly lovely! Treasure these memories, Clifford. They are very precious. I hope you are not feeling too folorn now your Mum has returned to Blighty.

  2. Yvette says:

    “And you may here (mis-)apply the Principle of Relativity freely in order to interchange the role of leaver, home, etc., with the same measurable feelings.”

    Geez I mean c’mon, I totally expect rigid and proper relativity applications in MY science fictional songs. (Always amazes me how few physicists know Queen’s history- when Brian May finally got his PhD I was trying to get the Powers that Be to invite him for a colloquium but they didn’t go for it.)

  3. We’ll be back soon – it was a blast and thank you for 15 wonderful days including our two rainbows – that was special!! We’ve got her back – thank you for letting her go! cmj+