Happy New Year!!

Well, let me be among the first to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope you achieve many treasured goals in the coming year.

On balance, I liked my 2010, with its mixture of joys and sadnesses, triumphs and failures, findings and losings, departures and returns. I managed to more or less maintain a good level in my regular comings and goings, while finding room to grow, explore new ideas, and develop them.

My old habit from youth of deciding that I’m just going to hunker down and teach myself some new tricks that I need to know, and hack away at it until I’m there, seemed to be in full sail, (see my recent posts about The Project). I’m pleased about that, since if that were ever to stop, I think I’d not be me any more, and then where would I be? So I’m looking forward to more of that sort of thing, as well as a good mixture of the unexpected, both good and bad, just like I got this year just past. I’d be delighted if 2011 turned out to be as interesting, challenging, and rewarding overall.

How about you?


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