Planck Matters

You can read a bit about the work of my colleague Elena Pierpaoli and her postdocs and students in this article in one of USC’s in-house publications. It focuses on the Planck observatory (image right from NASA/ESA), which we’ve discussed here before. (Recall the launch?) There’s a lot of exciting physics about the very young universe to be discovered as more data from the mission get gathered and analyzed.

Enjoy the article!


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2 Responses to Planck Matters

  1. Claver says:


    A bit off-topic here, in this paper (, though not too far off-topic;

    “… We found that in this simulated case our stacked radio source profile retrieved the Jupiter beam almost perfectly. All of these tests suggest that our results are not subject to any ‘Eddington bias’ or any other bias.
    4 Other models that fit the WMAP CMB Power Spectra
    Sawangwit and Shanks 19 fitted power-laws to the WMAP radio source beam profile (see Fig.2) and showed how sensitive the height of the first acoustic peak is to relatively small deviations away from the Jupiter profile. ”

    Without labouring the point, do your old colleagues have something worth the headlines? (Daily Mail etc not that I read that tat 😉

  2. Clifford says:


    I don’t understand anything of what this is about. Sorry.