CDF Says No

Recall the excitement last week about the D0 result? I wrote a post called “An Exciting Asymmetry?”. Well, there’s a rule that says if you write a title as a yes/no question, the answer is often (usually?) “No”.

Sure enough, over at Resonances, Jester reports that the CDF experiment, also at the Tevatron, has looked for a confirmation of the CP violating result that D0 claimed to see, and did not find anything abnormal where it should have. Find further details (on the technical side for the experts) and links at that post, which, as is usual with material from that blog, is well-written and interesting.

This is one reason why we (the particle physics community) build multiple detector/experiments on the same accelerator machine, and this is a prime example of how good science works. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and that includes other experiments being able to independently verify your results. That did not happen here, and so this potential discovery goes away, as it should, to be considered as probably a statistical blip.

Science marches on…


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One Response to CDF Says No

  1. Joseph Smidt says:

    And this is why they say half of all 3-sigma detections are wrong. 🙂