QED Treatment?


This sign (spotted in a shop window – presumably placed there for olde-world nostalgia) makes me giggle for a number of reasons. One of them is because in my field, QED stands for Quantum Electrodynamics, the fundamental theory of electromagnetism and its quantum interactions. So it’s funny to see in this electric scalp treatment context (since electricity is an electromagnetic phenomenon…). I wonder if the sign-maker knew of the unintentional juxtaposition? (I’m also put in mind of lots of graduate students scratching their heads while trying to compute with QED with their Feynman diagrams… that is good scalp treatment, actually.)

Now that I’ve explained it all rather dryly, I fear I’ve killed for you any humour that there might have been. (See list of related posts before for other examples.)

So sorry.


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3 Responses to QED Treatment?

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  2. humble reader says:

    Wow, there is even an entry for dandruff,

  3. Clifford says:

    Whoah!!! Who knew?!