Calla Lily!

calla_lily I’m very pleased to see this flower (and always delighted to say the name out loud: Try it: Calla Lily.). (Click for larger view.) I discovered a patch of shoots growing in the shade of a tall tree some time ago, struggling against a thriving ground cover plant, and decided to clear some space for them and let them grow up, giving them a supply line off the drip system. That was a year ago. Now, they’re nice and large, and quite happy. This is the first of the lovely flowers the plants have produced. I seem to recall that my sister loves these flowers, and so this one is for her. It is not far from the patches of roses, that put me in mind of my mum.


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4 Responses to Calla Lily!

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  2. Carol&Co says:

    Beautiful – simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing. cmj+

  3. Love these flowers… Your sister must have been very happy receiving them!

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