She Blinded Me With Science…

The funny video below* is good for a bit of nostalgia for the time of the Thomas Dolby song, the song itself, and perhaps for the X-Files TV show (but not for me, I saw only a few episodes). Scully fans will love this, and although I never regularly watched the show, I did appreciate her character. Strong skepticism, insistence on using the scientific method, etc. Excellent. Good character overall, and broke a lot of ground as a female lead with these characteristics too.

chloe_obrian_24Now here’s an idea. Would someone please do such a video for 24’s Chloe O’Brian? (Pictured left.) She’s definitely one of my favourite technical expert engineer/scientist types on a major show, and Mary Lynn Rajskub does an excellent job giving her life, depth and likeability even though she’s fighting against all the geek/nerd stereotype characteristics they’ve endowed her with. In essence, she does it by embracing them. Her attention to detail regularly saves the day (world, city, state, whatever), and the lives of her colleagues, and in the last episode they even had her supposedly determining that light in a video was daylight by establishing that the colour temperature of the light was 5600 Kelvin**. I can’t remember the last time I heard the unit “Kelvin” used on any TV show, even the ones that are supposed to be about science! Go Chloe!

Anyway, here’s the music video:


*Spotted at Skepchick.

**Let’s put aside the fact that (I think- I could be wrong) to be sure of this you’d have to assume that the camera’s white point had not been adjusted. I think it was a fair assessment based on the circumstances, anyway. – No spoilers in any comments please.

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  2. robert says:

    With Dr Magnus Pyke on guest vocals, if I’m not mistaken. Happy Days

  3. Clifford says:



  4. Ms Mcsqrd says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say your primer on d-branes is brilliant! I think after reading a section of your primer, I have understood what I have been trying to understand for the past few months! 🙂

  5. Clifford says:

    That’s very good to hear indeed.

    Happy to help.