max_roach_parkThis was nice to see. (Click for larger view.)I was hurrying along in the rain, but had to take a picture for you.

There’s something about a little park in London being named after the excellent (and legendary) drummer Max Roach that makes me feel good.

I hope it inspires those who pass by and those who use the park.

Now, find some time to listen to some Max Roach…Perhaps hearing him playing alongside the wonderful Clifford Brown is a good start? Study in Brown, for example. I’d lend you my copy of the CD, but I’ve worn it out from too many listenings over the years.


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5 Responses to Dedication

  1. kim says:

    Cifford, would there be any opportunity to meet with you at some point? I understand from this post, that you are in London at the moment and I feel that it would be interesting to speak with you in person about some of the things we have discussed.

  2. What is Roach’s connection to south London? Or does Lambeth council have a jazz fan amongst its ranks?

    …now I’m going to have “Salt peeeee-nuts” going through my head all day. Not a bad thing for a Friday I suppose!


  3. Kortney says:

    Excellent post tribute! Dedication to ‘An american Drummer in London’ Much more inspiring than a werewolf 🙂

    I read a bio on Wikipedia and see the following poetically beautiful name for a song he recorded…
    “….also released on this label was the groundbreaking bass-and-drum free improvisation, Percussion Discussion…”
    Percussion Discussion…I would love to hear that improv…

    Thanks once again for sharing profound musical talent!
    Ciao ~

  4. Ben says:

    I have driven past this park countless times, and always assumed it was a different Max Roach. The world is small. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will now go to said park/listen to said record.