Get Down To It

On the day of Obama’s first State of the Union address, after a first year in office that saw spectacular squandering of political capital by him and the Democrats, I found in my mailbox the Feb. 1st New Yorker with a brilliant cover that says it all. It is called “First Anniversary”, and is by Barry Blitt. Click for larger view:



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One Response to Get Down To It

  1. jr says:

    Same old nonsensical baloney: Obama wants to create another Fannie
    and Freddie for health insurance. They were leveraged 71 times and
    116 times their equity. Look at what happened. Now do you get it ???
    I am re-reading John Talbott’s “The Coming Crash …” from 2003.
    He and others predicted the mess we are in today – in great detail.
    Why don’t you read it – you will see the difference between blabber
    from politicians and advice from those who actually know what they
    are talking about.