Wet Patterns

A shot (click for slightly larger view) from a lovely afternoon walking on the beach recently…


Happy Holidays, one and all!


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7 Responses to Wet Patterns

  1. Bee says:

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. Carol&co says:

    Spooky – looks like there are animals in the water! Happy holidays and here’s to many more walks on the beach!!

  3. Kortney says:

    Like hundreds of footprints randomly searching for direction. Very beautiful photo. The seagull flying out of the sunbeam is fitting, as we soar into a new season of winter solstice.
    Merry Christmas and many blessings for a scientifically prosperous New Year!

  4. Anonymous Snowboarder says:

    Clifford – perhaps its buried in the archives, but what gear are you using for all your many photos? Just a point and shoot or something more serious? Is there a 645 w/ 50MP digital back in your future?

  5. Clifford says:


    It is interesting that you cannot tell which.

    Photography, for me, is not really about the equipment, but the eye of the person using the equipment.

    Hope that is not too annoying an answer.



  6. Anonymous Snowboarder says:

    ha no, photography of course should be about the photo and not the film (or sensor). However, when images are transferred to the web, many times in scaled down or compressed format what might be clearer at larger size is hidden. And of course one can take poor photos with great equipment too.

    However, I did a bit of sleuthing and I must say I’m impressed with your ericsson handset. As to your other gear, I have one by the same company but think the next go around I’ll give the other major a try.

    Of late however I find myself still playing with my Fuji 6×7 medium format as well as two USSR foldups at 6×6 and 6×9. It will still be quite a while before digital can match those, at least for large prints. I do still enjoy b&w.