Imminent Launch

wise_on_deltaMy friend, The Universe co-contributor, and colleague Amy Mainzer (JPL) is rubbing gloved hands together in the chilly night air up at Vandenberg. Well, ok, if not this very moment, she probably will be at various points this evening and into the wee hours of the morning. The launch pad for WISE (the mission on which Amy is deputy project scientist) is set, and everything is ready to go! See my earlier post about what […] Click to continue reading this post


geminid_skymap_northThe skies have cleared here in Los Angeles after a sequence of remarkably rainy days – really torrential downpours that have been very enjoyable. Happily, the clearing has taken place just in time to see the Geminid meteors, which I learned are likely to be quite striking this year*. After midnight or so ought to be good for viewing, and be sure to be looking at the right part of the sky (they originate from the direction of Gemini – see the NASA map on the right). There’s more about it on NASA’s site, and be sure to look at their tips for viewing.

Don’t forget: – don’t assume that being in a large city means you can’t see anything […] Click to continue reading this post