The Leonids are almost here!

nasa sky mapAnother meteor shower is almost upon us. Next week it is the turn of the Leonids. Now, as the name implies, these have their apparent origin in the constellation Leo. So how visible it will be for you, if you live in an urban area, might depend upon Leo’s position in the sky relative to your local bright city lights at the time of viewing. But it is worth trying. Look for a public park, rooftop, or other open area of sky. Parks can be better for pulling you away from some of the immediate lights, and then sit still and look at one patch of sky steadily for a while (generally in the right direction!) To get guidance, have a look at NASA’s site on the Leonids here* (That’s their star map I’m using – check out the site to learn more about how to use it.)

Get up early one morning and have a look. The peak is Tuesday morning!

Enjoy viewing!


*Thanks Shelley B. and Mary A.!

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3 Responses to The Leonids are almost here!

  1. Shaun Maguire says:

    Does anyone have recommendations for viewing in the LA area? Clifford, from where will you be gazing? Thanks!

  2. Clifford says:

    Sorry, I’ll be gazing from beyond LA this time. Check out my post from a while back called stargazing for an idea…. might work if Leo is in right spot.



  3. Yvette says:

    I love how one can have good weather for days and then the day of the meteor shower the clouds roll in. They just know somehow…