Green Elegance

wiltern_at_angle I do love the Wiltern. It is one of my favourite classic Art Deco buildings in Los Angeles or even beyond. (Click image for larger view.) I catch glimpses of it from time to time when I am on my way from here to there, but it has been a while since I stopped and looked properly.

Yesterday I was on my way back from one place and on my way to another and I changed buses right in front of it, so lingered and admired for a while.

You can find more about the Wiltern here, among other places.


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3 Responses to Green Elegance

  1. Philip Shane says:

    i’m color blind, but only to a very extremely narrow band of frequencies in the green part of the spectrum. The color of the Wiltern is apparently one of those frequencies. For at least two years I drove by the Wiltern all the time and thought it was grey. Well, actually, I *knew* it was grey.

    Then one day the sunlight was different, and suddenly the Wiltern leaped out to me as green. I told everyone that the Wiltern was this amazing green color, and they all looked at me like, “duh.”

  2. Philip Shane says:

    ps: speaking of which… is it green in your photo? it totally looks grey. 🙂