Rope Tricks

Well, this is what I was puzzling over for a little while last week:


I thought I’d share it with you to puzzle over too. I designed and constructed it a while back, installed it, and then took it down for a while (as other work was being done) and stored it for six months. Then I unpacked it last week, primed and painted it (as I should have done way back then) and have stretched it all out for assembly and re-installation. I’ve included all the parts in the picture (click for larger view), roughly where they connect, to help guide your eye as to how it all works. Can you see how? Work out what this is? And most importantly… why oh why does cvj do this sort of thing anyway? Answers in a post to come…


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5 Responses to Rope Tricks

  1. emeris says:

    Either a string trestle for climbing plants, (hung vertically with strings between those sets of eye hooks) or a clothes line (similarly strung, but hung horizontal).

  2. Jonathan says:

    A D1-brane holographic construction of a conformal curtain rail?

  3. P. P. Cook says:

    the low energy limit of a hammock? or a very small rope ladder?

  4. Clifford says:

    In your creative reasoning, be sure to incorporate the carious pulleys and hooks and how they are located on the ropes…


  5. Nick says:

    Lifting bike rack!