lots of seeds

Time to begin a round of planting. It is 7:30am, and I’ve had my morning cup of tea, a bite to eat, my second morning cup of tea, and the sun is still low and cool. The year is marching on and I am determined to get some things into the ground relatively early for a change. First, ornamental matters. Edible matter later. I’m going to start on some seeds (for plants happy with hot, dry conditions) that I want to get going in some new patches of the garden, and along some borders…

Should be fun!


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2 Responses to Seeds!

  1. Elliot says:

    It’s a bit early for this activity here in Chicago. The ground is still frozen. Sigh….


  2. robert says:

    Looking at seed packets are just a little bit like looking at porn – it can spark you into activity (sowing) but nonetheless provide somes olace if you can’t quite get round to it.