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ziya tong on daily planetHey, remember Ziya Tong, my colleague at the short-lived blog Correlations, and one of the presenters of PBS’ inexplicably short-lived science show WIRED Science? Well, I heard from her the other day and we caught up a bit on what each other is up to. Turns out that she’s the new co-presenter of Daily Planet on Canada’s Discovery Channel!

You can watch episodes online on their site, which is here. It looks like a fun show! Ziya can also be seen on Nova Science now in some pieces to be aired later this year.

Good Luck with the new show Ziya!


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6 Responses to Daily Planet

  1. Dmitry says:

    Hi Clifford,

    based on the previous experience, is it a good guess that the Daily Planet is also going to be short lived?


  2. Alexander DeSouza says:

    As a Canadian, having lived in this country for most of my life, I can guarantee that Daily Planet is certainly not going to be short lived – it’s a science-oriented news program on the Discovery Channel here in Canada, and it’s been running continuously for about 10 years.

    Though, in that span they’ve had one permanent host, and Ms. Tong would be that fellow’s third co-host.

  3. Alexander DeSouza says:

    Well, to clarify – I only mean ‘guarantee’ in the figurative sense… I have no such power to actually do so.

    Best of luck to her!

  4. Gilles Bernier says:

    Ziya Tong is surely the best co-host I have seen since I watch Daily Planet, that means since two to three years.

  5. Clifford says:

    I’m glad to hear Ziya’s doing well, and is appreciated. I’ll be sure to let her know some of my readers are impressed!


  6. GregS says:

    Daily Planet has been on the Discovery Channel in Canada for 14 years – since 1995. Before 2002 I think it had a different name, @discovery.ca, although I never saw it because I didn’t have cable TV in those days. It has been hosted by Canadian science writer Jay Ingram from the start. I think Ziya Tong is a great co-host, and I hope they keep her on the show for a long time to come.