Merry New Year!

pods on a tree at new year Yes, that’s right. You read Merry and not Happy.

I’m breaking the mould. I’m upping the stakes. I’m wishing one and all a year of merriment. I’m afraid it can’t be returned, so you’ll have to work with it as best you can. I’m certainly going to.

To achieve the mean of Happiness that the millions of Happy New Year wishes every year are evidently striving for, we need to be aiming for some Merriness from time to time to keep us on track at settling at this particular position on the multidimensional emotional landscape.

Someone has to take this important business in hand, and so I’m having a go, because Obama made no mention of this matter in his campaign promises, and as far as I know has formed no advisory body, transition team, or cabinet member to look into it.

So Merry New Year for 2009! I will be considering carefully what to wish everyone a year from now to continue to maintain the balance.


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4 Responses to Merry New Year!

  1. Kortney says:

    And a very Merry New Year to you sir!
    Merriness is a great and proper balance to the multidimensional emotional landscape in which we live. So good of you to help out Obama on this very important task! May it catch on and spread great joy!
    Grazie Tanto!

  2. spyder says:

    And one way to feel more merry and jolly and thrilled is knowing Amara Graps went into Labor last night on the 1st. Though the child may be born officially on the 2nd, it is still a most propitious way to start any year.

    [Comment was held in moderation queue until Amara officially announced the birth -cvj]

  3. Adam says:

    just an odd comment…but is “mould” the british way of spelling “mold”?

    i’ve never encountered that spelling before…cool!

    of course it fits right in with “colour” and the like…

  4. Clifford says: