Red, Yellow, Blue, Green…

red yellow green blue…among other colours.

View of the day from the garden. (Winter. Number x in a limited series of y.) (Click for larger view.) The rains have gone for a while. The sun is back, with clear blue skies to close out the year.

I’m trying to rest. Well, I’m working on various projects at home, mostly. Colours are on my mind a bit in one of these projects, actually. Later today I’m going to be down in the (only slightly mad-scientist) workshop making a portable screen on which to project films.

Projecting onto the wall is good, but I want to make a silver-grey screen with a dark border that will really pop the colours out. Some of this is about not projecting onto a wall with an existing colour pigment, but not as much as you might think. Most of it is about how our eye responds to contrasts, as opposed to absolute colours and shades. The grey is more neutral, which helps (and will also be overall a bit more reflective than my wall, but not much more) especially when there’s ambient light (less so when the projector is the only source). The dark border will, I suspect, help a great deal in all situations.

It’s very cost effective (and fun) making it yourself, since it’ll be about $40 worth of materials, as compared to the amounts one would pay (double, triple) for an off the shelf screen.

More about what I’m doing with this later, I hope.


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One Response to Red, Yellow, Blue, Green…

  1. Carol&Co says:

    Ahhhhh – just the right size for watching our favourite Disney movie! Belated response – thanks for reminding us of this gem.