Gervais and Merchant on Mayo

ricky gervais and stephen merchant on mayoRicky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were on Daily Mayo for half an hour yesterday. It was a good bit of fun unscripted chatter that’s worth a listen. They were really there to plug the new boxed set of the TV show Extras (which if you have not seen you should put high on your list of viewing priorities – it is quite brilliant), but of course they were also there to mess around a bit.

They asked for a higher standard of question to be emailed in by the viewers, and so I wondered whether anyone would send in some science ones – maybe some physics ones. Sure enough there were. I was impressed with Ricky’s fielding of the various questions… and his discussions of the alternatives to string theory were fun and, er, insightful. You can find the audio here (there are several other great interviews to be found there too).



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