I’ve been running around so much today I forgot to actually mention the event for which I’ll be acting as host tonight, here at USC. This is how I quickly described it to my colleagues, but bear in mind that it is open to all:

apollo posterI’d like to remind you one last time about the Apollo Visions and Voices event today. Whether it interests you or not, please encourage your students to go. It is the College Dean’s V+V event for the semester, and was chosen to have a focus that would attract science and engineering students and faculty to sit with our friends and colleagues from the arts and humanities. It is at 7:30 pm in Bovard, with a reception at the end. I think that it will be very interesting and enjoyable.

Information about it is here.

It should be fun!


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2 Responses to Apollo

  1. Bilal says:

    I really enjoyed the play last night Clifford. Thanks for telling me about it. It was so interesting to place the events of the fifties in juxtaposition to what happened a couple of days ago.

  2. spyder says:

    My dad would have really appreciated this, were he still alive. He was an enthusiast for theater, musicals, dramatic productions and so forth. He was also present at the dawn (NAA original propulsion unit) and glory days (Rocketdyne) of the development, design, and production team of the F1 and F2 engines. In that capacity (and his military work) he spent a great deal of time (during and after WW2) working on Operation Paperclip (as well as translated Soviet rocket science intelligence).