Stuff to do with your hands while driving

Aha… now text messaging while driving is going to be illegal in California. (See e.g., here.) Very good. (Wait, not even at traffic light stops…? How are you supposed to constantly update people on how late you are?) I have not seen much in the way of enforcement for the mobile phone law from earlier in the year, have you? I wonder how much change has come about… other than more and more people wandering around on foot with shiny blinking earpieces looking like extras from a bad SF TV show… Concerned cyclists would like to know…

Well, here’s a little fun video to remind you of many of the fun things for you to do (that are not banned explicitly) now that you’ve got all that free time for your hands (sorry about annoying commercial at beginning):


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3 Responses to Stuff to do with your hands while driving

  1. Joe says:

    Sad thing is I have seen a lot of those things going on while driving on the SoCal freeways over the years. Seeing a woman with sharpened eye-liner pencils in bumper to bumper traffic always makes me cringe. Why not wake up 5 minutes earlier and take care of that before risking loss of an eye due to an unforeseen bump into the car in front of them?

  2. spyder says:

    my new personal pet peeve:
    I was following an SUV in a middle lane of a three lane highway. The car had one set of turn signals on to go left, then switched to go right, but each time it tried to move over it had failed to see the cars to either side of it. It kept moving slower and slower (down to 15 mph on a 40 mph street), until it nearly came to a stop. I finally got around it (along with others with much honking and waving of fists and fingers) and discovered that there were three small white poodles in the front seat. One was leaning out from the driver’s lap blocking a view of the left hand mirror; another was on the lap of the driver’s wife blocking a view of the right hand mirror; the third sat on the center console blocking any view using the rear view mirror. Essentially the driver was blinded by dogs. It was heinous and apparently not illegal either.

  3. Clifford says:

    Yeah, tiny lap dogs and SUVs. Sigh.

    “Nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”