Metro Ads

I’m enjoying the new metro ads that are up all over the city. Are you? They are going for the more direct and immediately pragmatic point in an effort to encourage people to leave their cars behind. (You’ve read my thoughts about that before.) Here are a few I spotted over the last few days (click for larger view):

metro ad in la metro ad in la metro ad in la

The style reminds me of the HSBC ads that you see in the UK, again comparing two things with a simple tag under each. Except that in that case, the idea is that the things and their labels are interchangeable. Not so here. See some here. Here’s one:

hsbc ad

Coincidence? I’d bet a fair amount that it is the same ad agency, or at least that there is some connection.


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4 Responses to Metro Ads

  1. Jude says:

    I love those ads–clear, simple, humorous–everything I’d want in an ad campaign. Has ridership diminished in your subjective point of view since gas prices have decreased a little? The local newspaper reported that Glenwood Springs has the highest gasoline prices in Colorado. I’m surprised that Aspen didn’t win that particular distinction (Vail came in second).

  2. Clifford says:


    It is hard to tell. The numbers are still high, the system seems to continue to improve, and the variety of types of people using it seems to have stayed at the new-found diverse level that it got to. There are also still lots of cyclists, and pedestrians in all sort of places.

    Feels like a much more complete city, but it is important to note that it may be mostly me having changed, and less the city. In other words, maybe I am simply spending more time in the places where those things are true, since they attract me, while the rest of the city remains as hopelessly naively bound to the car as it ever was. I don’t know for sure. I can’t do it all. What I can say for sure is that my LA has more pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport users than it used to.


  3. Mitch Miller says:

    This ad seems very irresponsible. Sure, M theory is very promising, but claiming it can solve the fuel crisis is premature at best 🙂

  4. Clifford says:

    Oh my goodness. Why did I not see that?! Hilarious! Yes… we’ve infiltrated “string theory partisans” even more deeply into the fabric of society, controlling the advertising… Soon, the Presidency!