snake in runyon canyon

Imagine my surprise (a couple of weeks ago) when this fellow – all four feet or maybe more – passed in front of me just ahead on the path (click for larger view). It was so sudden that I could hardly get the camera out in time, even though it was attached to my belt pack. I was hiking in Runyon Canyon for a short spell on a Sunday morning. It is quite busy at that time, with everyone and their dog (for real) out and about. Somehow, there was a brief lull in the foot traffic and the snake wanted to cross the road*.

snake in runyon canyonI actually don’t know what type this is. I’m sure several of you do. I followed it to the edge to get a closeup, but it faded into the undergrowth so quickly that I only got this detail shot (see right – click for larger view). Nobody else saw it, of course, and I just looked to everyone like some weirdo staring into a cactus…


(*Why? I don’t know. Ask the chicken.)

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