It’s Administrative Professionals’ Day!

It’s Administrative Professionals’ Day* today! Thanks to all the many Administrative Professionals who make our systems run so much more smoothly! (In some cases, who make them run at all…)

And, randomly, I learned from a Wikipedia article on the subject:

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a registered trademark with registration number 2,475,334 (serial number 75/898930). The registrant is the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

I sort of find that pleasantly ironic that the writer included that in the entry. I wonder if it was deliberate?

So anyway… when is Professors’ Day…anyone?


*Other options for the placing of the apostrophe include not having one, or putting it before the “s”…Hmmm…

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3 Responses to It’s Administrative Professionals’ Day!

  1. I know it was a lighthearted comment, but professors’ day is every day. It’s another privilege thing. Admin staff are generally underpaid, overworked, and in many cases treated with not the world’s most stellar standards of courtesy. (Yes, I know, arguably so are academics, but not nearly to the same extent, and academics generally don’t have the same invisibility that admin staff do.) So a a day to recognise the work of admin staff is one small way of trying to redress the balance (like Take Your Daughter To Work Day) — it’s quite right that there is no day for other professions that don’t get as raw a deal.


  2. ljs says:

    Thanks so much for the card! It seems that we are actually in the midst of Administrative Professionals Week … who knew!

  3. Clifford says:

    A whole week! Yay!