The Tree, I

the tree, Banyan at USC

(Giant Banyan Tree on the USC campus. Click for larger view.)

This is one of my most favourite features of the landscaping on the campus here at USC. It’s one of the very earliest features that made me feel very much at home on the campus when I first arrived. I remember coming around a corner, seeing it, and marveling at its sheer size and splendour (see image on left below to appreciate its extent), somehow combined with being extremely inviting at the same time. I love its root system being out on display like that, and forming beardy tendrils that drip down from its branches (another view of that is on the right below). The tree is probably about 100 years old, perhaps more. It’s a real treasure for the campus.

   the tree, Banyan at USC   the tree, Banyan at USC

(Two more views. Click for larger view.)

As you can guess from the title, this is part I of series. I’ll have more to say about this tree in a bit…


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