Women in Physics – USC Conference

This is a quick note to point you to the Women in Physics conference (aimed primarily at undergraduates) being held at USC again this year. It’s on Saturday and Sunday coming. It looks like another excellent program (see here), so well done to the organizers for keeping going what Amy and Katie started (it has also spread elsewhere – see the site for more conferences, and consider starting one in your area). Parenthetically, I’ve heard that one or two readers of the blog will be attending, so don’t hesitate to say Hi! if you see me around.



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2 Responses to Women in Physics – USC Conference

  1. Carl Brannen says:

    Maybe things have changed since I was in grad school, but back in the day, women were rather rare in physics. But now it turns out that roughly half the amateur physicists I correspond with are women. Surely that’s not the percentage that obtains in academia.

  2. Clifford says:

    Things have changed. Things continue to change. Let’s hope that the changes are for the better, overall.