I don’t need much of an excuse to whip out the craft and drawing tools. Been working (a little bit every night) on framing various things for hanging on the walls at home. I’d forgotten how excellent Exacto knives are! (Are there “Approximato” knives, by the way? I want one.) You might not believe this, but the T-square is the one I owned since Technical Drawing O-level back in school in England, some 25 years ago. I loved those days. I would do technical drawings of everything under the sun. Here, I’m just using it to guide the knife while cutting. The bad news is I cut a small part of it at one point when the knife went astray due to a hasty move I won’t repeat again.

Two of the products:


For those looking closely: Yes, those are a couple of photographs from of my favourite buildings in Durham, England.


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