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My lovely Sony-Ericsson T616 phone is just marvellous. I can use it all over the planet (more or less), it talks to all my other devices using Bluetooth so that I can sync calender and other data seamlessly. But it is old and falling apart. My ipod is a bit frustrating because I got one of the bad battery batch from long ago, and never got around to getting the replacement battery from the class-action suit. So it runs out of charge really fast.

But I’m not one for rushing to the new gadget until something really moves me, and so I’ve managed this situation quite well for some time now. Well, this could be the device I’ve been waiting for – Just announced by Apple at the CES in Las Vegas MacWorld in San Francisco:


Oh my. The iPhone

iphone iphoneIt’s a phone – with no buttons! great! It can be used in many different regions, it’s also an ipod, and you can surf the web with it… It has a camera, and Bluetooth, etc…. The only thing missing from it is a radio. Why no radio, Apple?) And it runs Mac OS X!! It has rather lovely features, such as an on board accelerometer that detects when you rotate the phone to view a picture in landscape – it reorients the image for you. Sounds like more clever and sensible design from the folks at Apple. I can’t wait to try one. More on Apple’s site.

And as usual… it’s beautiful. Really beautiful. I do hope that it is not ridiculously expensive…

[Update: Oh, never mind… it’s just stupidly expenive. I’ll muddle along with what I’ve got a bit longer. Sigh.]


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