Field Testing

Well, ok, it is working well out in the field. (See here for what I’m talking about.)

Keys started out a little sticky, but are loosening up with use. Good. Ok, here’s a secret: I admit to feeling a little (just a little) smug among the group of people sitting here, ‘cos you see they’re all the same – all five of them, in one tiny cafe – with their normally individual and cool-looking macbooks (it’s one of those ‘hoods), now looking unneccessarily big, heavy and clunky in comparison.

Ok, I’ll stop being annoying. It was just a smug moment, and now it has passed. Here’s the setup in the field:

cafe pda

It’s always a nice feeling when one spends just a little money and gives a whole new life and functionality to some device one has had for years. It’s arguably as much fun as buying a whole new device.

The furtive glances over are amusing.

(Well, it’s either because of my neat little setup appearing out of my handbag, or the fact that I’m totally naked (on such a cold day too) that’s drawing the glances.)

Ok, just kidding.


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