Science Library Secrets

For you physics lurkers at USC (you know who you are!), consider going to the following event (RSVP by tomorrow): Our distiguished (and superpowered -she can fly) librarian, Sara Tompson, in conjunction with the USC Women in Physics Society, have organised a tour and demo of various of the science library’s facilities. Go to this to find out lots of vital information, such as how to use INSPEC, the online catalogue, the scanner…. and maybe even learn where the library is, if you don’t already. Yes, there’s a free lunch associated with this. Poster here.


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  1. Sara T. says:

    Thanks CVJ! We had 16, including 3 faculty members. Thanks to Katie and Amy (WIP) we had a great Italian meal, topped by my husband’s grade school’s recipe for “Texas Cake”!
    Now that we’ve got the important *food* notes out of the way, the HANDOUT is here (long url follows), linked off the Library’s Physics/Astronomy web page:
    Secrets of the Science Library: For Physicists and Astronomers”