Kids and Chemistry

I’ve no idea what they were doing (I’ll try to find out and let you know), since I was at the concert, but it sure looked liked they were having fun out there in the Wednesday kids’ science picnic at the ACP:

kids science picnic

Two weeks ago, apparently they had the “Physics of Superheroes” author, James Kakalios, visiting for the picnic. I blogged about that book a while ago, at this link.

(Incidentally, I’m puzzled as to why a choice has to be made for the children: Go to the kids’ science picnic, or go listen to classical music….. It would be nice for a child to be able to go to both, but no scheduling is perfect, I suppose.)


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4 Responses to Kids and Chemistry

  1. Jim Kakalios says:

    Sorry you couldn’t make it to the talk Clifford. I truly appreciated the early support your blogging post gave my book, and was sorry that I didn’t have a chance to meet you and thank you in person. I was busy all week at the Aspen Science Center, and since my family was along with me, whenever I was off duty, I tended to do things with them.

    My talk was taped by a local cable channel – the name escapes me at the moment – somthing like greenspaces …. so, it might show up on a local cable public access while you’re still up there where the other 0.01% live!

    Face front, True Believer!

  2. Gavin Polhemus says:

    They are building with Zome, which is an amazing mathematical toy. Their website is If you get some, be sure to order some green pieces to go with it.


  3. Clifford says:

    Thanks Gavin! They wre doing things with soapy water, and a bearded fellow who I do not know was telling them things about chemistry as I walked up, but it was right at the end. So I’d like to know how they were applying the Zome, exactly.


  4. Clifford says:

    Jim. Hi! It was a pleasure to see the book -especially that someone had written it, combining two of my favourite things from when I was younger- and so a real blast to get the chance to blog about and raise awareness of it.

    Still waiting for my copy. 🙂

    I do hope we get to meet sometime. Let me know if you’re ever in LA and have time to visit.